My heart is poisoned with repressed anger.
I live in constant danger as my reflection is nothing more than a mere stranger.
Hatred overshadows what goodness is left in my heart.
Take my soul away as lose sight of who I was from the start.
I don’t care anymore as my pain leaves me sore.
No hope for the future, I can’t take no more.
Death watches me as I slowly lose my mind.
Chills run up and down my spine because it’s so hard being kind.



A fish out of water as I’m gasping for air.

Holding on to hope as I run away from despair.

Lost in a world that’s unrecognizable to me.

The chains are coming off as I try to be free.

What is happiness? A mere emotion that I don’t know.

Emptiness plagues my heart as my fear continues to grow.

L.J. Brown

The Devil Took My Angel

The Devil Took My Angel

The devil took my angel on a cold, stormy night.
My angel left me alone without a heart in sight.
I want the love of my angel, but she may never come back.
The Devil gave her what I couldn’t, and now our love shows its cracks.
I wish for my Angel to sing to me again.
For her to tell me that she loves me like she used to back then.
Burn in hell devil for taking my Angel away.
I’m still down on my knees, begging her to stay.
I pray for my Angel to find her way home.
I can’t bare another moment living all alone.
I love you sweet Angel, don’t let the devil taint your soul.
He may give you luxury, but all that glitters isn’t gold.

L.J. Brown

Need Your Love

I wish to hold you in a time of happiness and pain.
To love you down to the sound of the rain because this love drives us insane.
Anytime I see you, I just lode myself in your eyes.
I’m so mesmerized as my hands continue to caress your thighs, a love so precious that it makes this grown man cry.
I yearn for every moment to spend time with you and your beautiful soul.
Cast your spell of love on my heart, for you are worth more than gold.
I need your love for it’s a timeless gift full of endless bliss.
I’m lost in a world of tragedy, please wake me up with a kiss.
Love me, for I promise to love you from the moon to the sun.
I need your love baby, let’s enjoy our days with endless fun.